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Granite Japanese lantern in the snow195 viewsThat giant mound of snow in the background is a bamboo grove, Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis'.
Phyllostachys bissetii on 1-20-2019 with 8ºF air temperature249 views
Phyllostachys nuda on 1-20-2019 with 8ºF air temperature265 views
Bamboo Bed Plans309 viewsPlans for building a bed for 3 different species of bamboo that complement each other. Place bamboo barrier under the bed and make any seams per manufacturer's recommendations.
Phyllostachys nuda production line357 views
5 gallon Phyllostachys nuda in the stabilization area after being dug295 views
Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Shiroshima'309 viewsA mid-size variegated species. Root hardy to USDA zone 5.
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis'311 viewsThis bamboo is less cold hardy than P. nuda or bissetii, but it's still one of my favorites. Who couldn't love that striking color? It does well here in zone 5, but does top-kill a lot of winters. It returns faithfully each spring and grows to a good 15' in only a few weeks time in early to mid spring.

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Phyllostachys bissetii188 viewsBroadcasting granular urea over the grove later winter 2021Mar 09, 2021
Bamboo plants wrapped for humidity in cold storage; 14' ceiling178 viewsReserved orders for following spring & summer; dug and placed in cold storage in November.Jan 02, 2021
Bamboo plants in cold storage189 viewsReserved orders for following spring & summer; dug and placed in cold storage in November.Jan 02, 2021
Bamboo Bonsai414 viewsPhyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' used as a yose-ue (forest) bonsai plantingJul 25, 2019
Tanuki Statue274 viewsOur handmade Tanuki statues are hand sculpted, cast in fiber reinforced concrete, slow cured for 90 days; and then primed, painted, and urethaned to last and patina beautifully in your garden! This one is 18" tall and weighs 50 pounds.Jul 23, 2019
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Harbin-Inversa'350 viewsPhyllostachys aureosulcata 'Harbin-Inversa' lacks the deep grooves of 'Harbin', but its yellow, green, and sometimes red culms are very eye catching!Jul 23, 2019
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Harbin'329 viewsPhyllostachys aureosulcata 'Harbin' features green culms with yellow tripes and deep grooves all around the culms.Jul 23, 2019
New bamboo divisions302 viewsNew Phyllostachys bissetii divisions under timed mistJul 20, 2019

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